It is autumn 2015. In the workshops of Bates and Lambourne, senior cabinetmaker John Preston is building new furniture for the Chapel at the Royal Marines Barracks Stonehouse, home of the Royal Marines in Plymouth. Two buildings down the former prison camp, oversized wooden dagger handles are being turned on the lathes of RedKite Woodturners, whilst two further buildings down, a brass sconce is being made for a Paschal candlestick. In a garden shed in West Wycombe, Mick Atkins (carver par excellence) is carving a laurel wreath and a wooden globe, whilst in another garden shed in Cuddington, Jessica Ecott (glass sculptor) is etching a laurel wreath around the rim of a new glass font bowl, and planning designs for a globe to be etched onto a pair of semicircular glass doors. Meanwhile somewhere under the North Atlantic Ocean, a submarine is gliding towards Plymouth, carrying a weighty chunk of the Rock of Gibraltar requested to be ‘roughly the size of a human head’… Read more...

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hand made furniture under contruction