Ox Art Weeks More free beer.

On 14th and 15th of November 2015 we will be open for Oxford Artweeks’ pre-Christmas weekend, between 9am and 4pm. We had a great time in May with the main open studios event and are pleased to stick our heads out of the sawdust-crusted window and wave again.

Saw Spindles

We have more lovely furniture both in the making and finished, as well as all sorts of cunning jigs, templates and great chunks of cast iron with big spinny teeth for turning trees into furniture. Keeps us happy week after week, so come and have a peer about – we hope you like it too.

Those new to the workshop (and maybe those familiar with it as well) may find the rather dusty atmosphere leaves the throat a bit dry.  So we have again prevailed upon our lovely neighbours round the corner at Lassco Three Pigeons to provide free beer for any wise owls who buy some furniture from us over the weekend. Purchase a splendid dining table and get a whole free pint of finest local ale. Or, if you prefer to look at it another way, buy a quite astonishingly expensive pint and get a free table. Just so long as you pay us and not Ed, Dan and James in the pub – we’ll pass on their due reward.

Royal Marines Bodlian Library Lamps

Sadly deceased publisher, poet and prolific planter of trees Felix Dennis used to call his reading tours Did I mention the Free Wine? Unsurprisingly there weren’t many empty seats. This blog is the limit of my publishing ambitions, and I won’t trouble you with my poems just now. My work with trees is mostly at the other end of their life cycle and, at least at the time of writing, I am not deceased. However, did I mention the Free Beer?

If you can’t make it over Artweeks weekend, don’t panic. We’re rarely far from the workshop and would be delighted to see you at any reasonably sociable hour. Can’t absolutely guarantee the free beer out of Artweeks season, but if we have the odd voucher left, it’s yours for the very reasonable price of the table, chair, sideboard or secretaire of your choice.

Did I mention the free beer?

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