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For an object with such a basic job description, ie: "Keep my stuff off the floor", tables come in many forms. They can be as modest as a coffee table or as significant as a church altar. They might have tops worked from a single, wild, ancient plank, or they might be extendable, having many leaves long after the tree was felled.

We have incorporated relics from the beaches of Normandy and the Rod of Aesculapius. Our table tops have been supported on two- three- and four legs and on cam shafts and engine blocks. They have been made from trees that were saplings in the time of Henry VIII. The tables we made for Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade were burnt in front of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery , while they were tied to chairs that we also made. The tables we made for Mission: Impossible were washed out into a Parisian street in the floodwave from an exploding fish-tank.

For such inherently simple objects, it is surprising how often the table can be as central to the feeling of home as the hearth itself. They can be the hub of so many family celebrations, Christmases, birthdays, weddings, but also there for the everyday of evening meals, childrens' homework, or just a quiet sit down with a cuppa and a book. Of course, in churches there are few items with greater significance than that large, simple, central table: The altar. 

Whether designed as a grand banqueting arena, or a little stand for your favourite houseplant, we make every table with the same focus on quality, fitness for purpose and durability. Except those Mission Impossible tables; they were meant to fall apart!

Walnut dining suite
Natural grain table
Grid Table
Large extending refectory table
Eccentric table and folding chair
Elm console table
Glass and natural timber coffee table
Hourglass table
Timber and metal coffee table
Vastern table and chairs
Preserved and enhanced natural grain on this table
Console table
Large dining table
Coffee table with ornately carved legs
Contemporary design bespoke coffee table
Oak single plank on metal base
Walnut dining suite
Walnut dining suite detail
Westwood table
Westwood table

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