Because Bates and Lambourne work to commission, and are not limited to a fixed range of products, it is not possible to provide a definitive price list. Prices may vary due to the species of timber used, particular design motifs, or polishing requirements. Some modifications to a standard pattern may be achieved easily, whilst others may require production of new jigs and templates.

However, listed below are some guide prices to give a broad outline of costs over a variety of furniture types. These are quoted at standard retail cost, including VAT at 20%. Prices for delivery will be given at time of firm quotation.

Windsor side chairs from £270

Rush seated side chairs from £420

Upholstered side chairs from £340 (excluding fabric / leather)
(for armchair versions of all the above, add approximately £100)

Dining tables, seating six, refectory style from £1200

Dining tables, seating four, pedestal style from £1600

Coffee tables from £600

Chests of drawers, small from £1500

Chests of drawers, large from £2800

Sideboards from £2500

Wardrobes from £2600


For trade prices and for large projects, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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