Our domestic and commercial portfolios represent a small sample of the large body of work we have made over nearly four decades. They are a record of past works, all of which can be reproduced, equally we are always very happy to develop new designs in collaboration with our customers. We have a long history of traditional styles and patterns, especially for Windsor chairs, and also relish the opportunity to start from scratch on completely new designs. Our thanks go to the many clients who have allowed us to photograph their furniture for our archive.

Chair seat formers

Different types of furniture require different approaches to their design. It is in the nature of solid timber construction that certain designs work naturally with the material.

Generally speaking, cabinet work and tables are manufactured on a one off basis, with all materials being machined for the particular project. Chairs on the other hand are usually viewed as small batch productions, with components being produced in quantity to ensure consistency. This is because chair work usually requires the production of templates and jigs in a way that most cabinet work does not, making design costs high relative to production. Also, from a design point of view, a chair is particularly demanding; it requires greater physical delicacy than most furniture, yet it is subjected to the most extreme stresses in usage.

Part way through a bee carving

Design can originate from many sources. We can manufacture the plans of architects and designers straight from the drawing, as well as advising on constructional matters and developing prototypes prior to production. Alternatively, a customer might have seen a particular style and wish to develop a project around it. On other occasions, we may be picking up certain decorative elements or replicating exactly an existing piece, perhaps adding to a collection of antique chairs to complete a set.


hand made furniture under contruction